Everyone Loves Cupcakes! and So do we at Sweet IRB!

Signature Cupcakes: 

Every weekend you can find a selection of our signature cupcakes baked fresh, filled and frosted just for you.  Our standard flavors are Key Lime, Wedding Cake, Chocolate and Red Velvet.  Sometimes we mix it up but for the most part you can count on these four anchor flavors to be in the cases.  Looking for more flavors?  Cupcakes can be special order by the dozen in any of our cake flavoring offerings.

All of our cupcakes are filled with a variety of flavors including raspberry, fudge, cream cheese, key lime and many more.

Our standard cupcakes are decorated with a rosette, swirl, cloud or ridge and most of the time some type of sprinkle.  We do custom design on our signature cupcakes for an additional decorating labor charge.

Single : $2.50    Dozen $25.00   Tax included

Gourmet Cupcakes — AKA the BIG Cup: 

Some things we just like to do BIG — That sums up our gourmet and cocktail cupcakes.  These are giant sized cupcakes, filled and frosted in really yummy flavors.  Currently we are featuring flavors such as Mango, Chocolate Coconut, Lemon/Raspberry, Orange Blossom and more.  Flavors change on a weekly basis and are of limited supply — So Hurry in!

Single : $4.00   Dozen $35.00  Tax included

Wedding, Birthday and Special Events: 

Perfect occasions for cupcakes!  Sweet IRB also has cupcake towers for rental and will provide delivery (free to Gulf Blvd Beaches) and set up.   Cupcake are sold by the dozen, choice of flavors, fillings and more.

Cupcake Pull Aparts:

The latest trend and we LOVE to make them.  Be sure to browse the gallery to see some of our custom pull-aparts.  These are great alternatives to traditional cake and so much fun!  Pricing is based on the amount of cupcakes needed for design plus any additional decorating charge to complete the design.