Coffee, Espresso, Frappe, Smoothies – Oh MY


Sweet IRB, proudly serves locally roasted coffee and espresso from Sombra Coffee.  Each weekend morning, we begin by grinding fresh coffee.  We keep the coffee hot, fresh and ready to go.   Our selection of coffee rotates from fan favorite Panama to dark roasted Indonesia.  Decaf? no problem — Our decaf is created in the Americana style, each cup fresh.

Hey, what about the hot Florida summer and too “HOT” for coffee?  Not to worry, Sweet IRB offers both flavored and regular iced coffee.

Espresso, Lattes and Cappuccinos:

Sombra coffee also supplies our espresso blend.  The “Bakery” blend is unique to the bakery, so come try it out!  Our espresso shots are double shots and we have great little “to go” cups for your espresso.

Let us hand craft and pour a traditional Latte or Cappuccino or if you prefer, we can serve your choice over ice.  Flavors!  Yep, we have several flavors to choose including salted caramel, white chocolate, pumpkin (all year long), vanilla and several “skinny” versions.


Looking for an frozen drink? Our Frappes are some of the best around.  We have chosen “bakery” flavors for our Frappes and they are oh, so good.   Flavors include: Red Velvet, White Chocolate, Mint Chocolate Chip, Cookies/Cream, Coconut Cream, Lemon Velvet, Toffee Coffee and more.   Fan favorites are Red Velvet and White Chocolate!

And Speaking of Frozen:

No, not the movie — but Green Tea and Hot Chocolate.  Elsa, herself would have voted both the frozen green tea and frozen hot chocolate the signature drinks of Arendale!


Well, you can’t have a beach side bakery and not have smoothies!! Our standard flavors include: Mango, Strawberry/banana, Peach, Strawberry and Pina Colada.

Italian Sodas with or without Cream:

Feeling a little nostalgic?  Try one of our hand made Italian or Italian Cream Sodas.  Choose from Grape, Orange, Root beer, Lime, Vanilla and Raspberry.  Jazz it up with a splash of cream.  The Kiddos love these.