Sweet IRB is now THE BAKERY : Indian Rocks Beach



Everything we make. We bake!

We’ve had a great run the last 2 years under the Name Sweet IRB and Sweet IRB Bakery, but it’s time to update our Name and Brand to match our product offerings

With our product offering now including Breakfast, Coffee, Lunch, Savory Items (Pie Pockets, Bread, Bagels and more planned), Classes and More — We needed a new name and brand to more reflect our current course.

Sweet IRB often confused folks into thinking we were just a Cupcake shop or combined with the candy shop next door. Plus, the IRB was often translated in to “irb” (like herb) —

So to simplify, Sweet IRB is now “THE Bakery” —

Over the next few weeks we will be changing out the logos, website, Facebook and other media outlets to have the new logo.

Thanks for your patience as make this change and continue to grow the business!

Melissa and Bill Dotson